Today, there is a demand for higher efficiency and broader bandwidth in microwave communications and faster optical communications. Tecdia globally supplies highly reliable ceramic applied products, such as single-layer ceramic capacitors. We are contributing to technological innovations such as telemedicine, autonomous driving, and space development.

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Tecdia is always striving to meet customer needs by creating products that solve the market demands.

Single Layer Capacitors

Single-layer ceramic capacitors are one of the key Tecdia products, promising excellent performance, reliability, and high-frequency characteristics. Click here for more information.

Tunable Dielectric Capacitors

Tecdia’s surface-mount dielectric varactors are made with a unique Tecdia proprietary voltage controllable dielectric and are designed for controlling impedance in a wide variety of applications operational up to millimeter-wave frequencies.


We also have a product called a “ground block” used for connecting to ground and adjusting wire lengths. Plus we have wire bondable thin film chip resistors that are ideal for high-end products.

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