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Here at Tecdia, we are occasionally met with customer requests that veer outside of Tecdia's standard product line,
but within our manufacturing capabilities. To help support these customized requests, we have created this "Discover the Possibilities" page.

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Discover the Possibilities - Capabilities

Discover the Possibilities
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Business Process Outsourcing in Cebu, Philippines

Tecdia Cebu Inc

Unlock your BPO success with Tecdia's 30+ years of manufacturing experience in Cebu. Our prime factory spaces offer the advantages of English proficiency, skilled labor, and cost-effectiveness. Elevate your business in a thriving environment with Tecdia's BPO spaces.

Precision Drilling


Leave precision drilling to us!

We have drilled through-holes down to 0.01mm diameter as proof-of-concept and down to 0.03mm for production. Such small holes are often of interest for the semiconductor and biomedical industries.

Thin Film Circuit Patterning Technology


Fine circuit patterns
on various subtrates

We can pattern fine features down to 0.005mm line/space width on substrates such as alumina or glass. Our technology has been endorsed by NASA.

Dielectric Engineering


Shaped by over 40 years
of dielectric technology.

We are a world-renowned manufacturer of single-layer capacitors, and thus have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the dielectric materials that they are made with.

Visual Inspection Technology


Strict quality control
realized at the Philippines

Our inspection capabilities, honed through inspecting millions of our own products as small as 0.25mm x 0.25mm, do not overlook even the minutest scratches or foreign matter. Mass inspections can be realized at our factorty at the Philippines, with both manual and automated capabilities.

Singulation Technology


Technology for Cutting Semiconductor
Wafers into Individual Die

A semiconductor wafer is cut into die using techniques called dicing or scribing. We have a track record of cutting hard materials, with dimensions down to 0.2mm, cutting while adhered to tape.

Precision Machining Technology


Precision Manufacturing

We have mass production technology that embodies the sentiment of traditional "craftsmanship" that is passed down generation to generation.

Diamond Processing Technology


Diamond Polishing
and Brazing Technology

We have developed many industrial products with our diamond polishing technology and original brazing technology.

Semiconductor Assembly Technology


Outsourcing Production
Overseas (OEM)

We have set up a large-scale clean room in the Philippines to manufacture and assemble semiconductor products. We are receiving calls from all over the world for overseas production that makes the most of our abundant labor force and geographical advantage.

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History of Challenges in Other Industries

Tecdia has been known to try out new challenges, including manufacturing slippers and selling sea urchin!

Case Studies and Products & Services
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