Integrated Resistor-Capacitor

Integrating a resistor into the top electrode of a capacitor to achieve space-savings within highly integrated devices while contributing to improved tact time by having one less part to place.


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Integrated Resistor-Capacitor Part Numbers

Metal Stacks

Depending on the ceramic dielectric used and electrode configuration, we use different metal stacks to achieve best mechanical and electrical performances. The different stacks we may use are as follows.

TaN – TiW – Au
Ti – Pt – Au

Selection Guide | Active Part Number Spectrum

Table cells can be clicked to reveal applicable part numbers and a link to the spec sheet for details. The different colors represent the different dielectric material used as below.

Thickness: 10 mils ± 1 mil (0.250 mm ± 0.025 mm)

*V tolerance for capacitance is not available.

Dielectric K = 16,000
Rated Working Voltage 100V

*This is the rated voltage for the capacitor section.


Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR)

-100 ± 50 ppm / °C (@ – 55 °C to + 85 °C )


Resistor Rated Power


100 mW (@ < 70 °C)

70 mW (@ < 70℃ to 85 °C)


50 mW (@ < 70 °C)

35 mW (@ < 70℃ to 85 °C)


Heat Resistance

320C x 5 min Max in N2 gas environment


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