Gap capacitors eliminate the need for wire-bonds by enabling SMD type die attach processes.




*Typical resonant frequency data from application notes does not apply to this product series.


Key to Part Number

Our gap capacitors follow a different part numbering scheme from standard square type. Each part of the PN is structured as follows.


Metal Stack

Depending on the ceramic dielectric used and electrode configuration, we use different metal stacks to achieve best mechanical and electrical performances. The different stacks we may use are as follows.

TiW – Au, TaN – TiW – Au
TiW – Pt – Au, TaN – TiW – Pt – Au, TiW – Au, TaN – TiW – Au

Standard Size List


Part Number Capacitance Code of Each Pad Capacitance Mounted (pF) Size (mils)
L × W
Size (mm)
L × W
AMG0R5B1AG 0R5 0.25 12 × 24 0.3 × 0.6 K = 140
BMG0R5B1AG 0R5 0.25 12 × 24 0.3 × 0.6 K = 140
AMG5R0K2AG 5R0 2.5 12 × 24 0.3 × 0.6 K = 1,600
BMG5R0K2AG 5R0 2.5 12 × 24 0.3 × 0.6 K = 1,600
AMG150K2BG 150 7.5 20 × 33 0.5 × 0.85 K = 1,600
BMG150K2BG 150 7.5 20 × 33 0.5 × 0.85 K = 1,600
AMG250K2BG 250 12.5 20 × 33 0.5 × 0.85 K = 2,800
BMG250K2BG 250 12.5 20 × 33 0.5 × 0.85 K = 2,800

Note: If you have custom specifications you wish to satisfy then Tecdia can tailor the dimensions, dielectric constant, capacitance, TC and other options to match target capacitance options desired. For immediate assistance just give us a call at 408-748-0100 (USA) or contact us electronically using our contact form, tell us your requirements and we will find you the perfect part for you.

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Single Layer Chip Capacitors

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Row/Array Capacitors

Hi-K capacitors available in a 2,3 or 4 pad arrays. Sharing common backside metalization, this configuration provides space and cost savings.

Thin Film Chip Resistors

Wirebondable single layer thin film resistors suitable for both AuSn and epoxy die attachment. Available in sizes from 16 x 16 mils with power handling up to 100mW.

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