Rental product



Rental Period

Up to 2 weeks from our shipping date
*If you do not return the item within one month from the end of the rental period, you will be charged the full amount.


How to Use


  1. Please apply from the inquiry form.
    (Please write “Regarding free diamond scribing tool rental service” in the content of your inquiry.)
  2. Our sales representative will contact you. After adjusting the delivery date, we will ship the rental product.
    (It may take some time due to limited inventory.)
  3. When you receive the product, please actually use it and evaluate the feeling of use and compatibility with the material.
  4. Please cooperate with the questionnaire about the evaluation result from the link or QR code on the loan slip.
  5. Once you have evaluated the product, please use the completed shipping label included in the package to send it back.
    (Customers are responsible for shipping costs when returning items.)




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