Requiring no formal training or complicated setup, the quick and simple Handy Wafer Scriber is ideal for both educational and commercial research to easily scribe a variety of wafer materials up to 3 inches in diameter.。





Other company’s product comparison table


Company Name Tecdia Company A Company B
Product Handy Wafer Scribe Kit Hand Scriber Diamond Scribe Pen
Application Wafer Scribing Wafer Scribing Engraving (Dot Engraving, Line Engraving), Line Drawing
Cut Point Types 3-point, 4-point 3-point N/A
Material Glass, Sapphire
GaAs, InP wafer, etc.
Sapphire, GaAs,
Semiconductors, nanotech materials, etc.
Glass, Ceramics, etc.
Method of Holding Wafer in Place Fixed with transparent plate Uses another device Uses another device
Cut Position Visibility Good Visibility Depends on auxiliary equipment Depends on auxiliary equipment
Cut Point Setting Automatic Manual No Settings Required
Scribe Angle Setting Automatic Manual Manual
Load Control Automatic Manual Manual
Scribing Straight Lines Plate assists Uses another device Uses another Device
Price $$$ $$ $


Handy Wafer Scriber (P/N: TEC-2000MS)

Pen Fixture 1 pc
Scribe Tool TD-3YP-H: 1 pc, TD-4PB: 1 pc
Angle Setters Round TD-3YP-H Setter: 1 pc, Square TD-4PB Setter: 1 PC
Base Plate 1 pc
Guide Plate (slotted) 1 pc
Instruction Manual, Carrying Case



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