Singulation of soft zinc oxide (ZnO) semiconductor wafers can be a difficult challenge. Tecdia offers solution by creating uniquely-shaped, diamond-tipped scribers.
Electronic devices are being developed using a variety of materials. There are sometimes cases, however, where the die singulation process is challenging. Here is one way that our scribing specialists at Tecdia have made it easier.
The Problem
The prior issue/status
Failure of the conventional dicing method.
The Solution
How the issue was solved
Using Scribe tools to solve this issue.
Key Point
The reason for adoption
Ability to customize our own products in line with the customer's "goal"
The Result
The effect of the solution
Having demonstrated that it can be done, the next phase was to incorporate it into new technology, then turned it into one of Tecdia's Standard Products.
The ProblemThe prior issue/status
Failure of the conventional dicing method

The conventional scribe and break methods for singulation of ZnO wafers produces a low yield of acceptable die. Sawing or laser scribing are not good alternatives because the wafer material is easily damaged by high heat and coolants. This has stymied mass product production.

The SolutionHow the issue was solved
One of our semiconductor manufacturer customers contacted us seeking a solution to their ZnO wafer dicing problem.
They knew Tecdia as a company who makes diamond scribe tools (a cutting instrument), scribe machines, and wafer breaking equipment. We were then presented with a challenge to devise a new scriber cutting method in order to help them set up the best conditions to use their cutting method reliably. We began by developing a new tip design for the scribing tools we had already produced. Prototypes were made using our unique in-house diamond polishing technologies. Then we narrowed down parameters to optimize the singulation process.

Key PointThe reason for adoption

The customer chose Tecdia because we know scribing tool technology and scribing processes as an equipment designer and manufacturer.

We possess unique diamond craftsmanship, and we are a company that is committed to working with customers in order to find customized solutions to their manufacturing requirements. To Tecdia, the design should produce results that exceed the customer’s expectations; this is our tradition.

We began by selecting the “heel” type scribe tool, and developed a right geometry to ensure sharp and deep cuts allowing good internal crack to occur. Then we perfected scribing technique by using Tecdia brand scribing equipment to experiment with a rich variety of cutting methods. Using what we learned, we added a feature to our machine for selection of material cutting characteristics. In addition to being able to specify various scribing conditions like weight (stress) and speed, the result was a clean and neat separation of diced chips on the holding tape. Scribed straight down the “streets.”

Scribing Equipment

Scribing Diamond Tip

The ResultThe effect of the solution

Having demonstrated that it can be done, the next phase is incorporating the new technology into the manufacturer’s production line.

When ZnO wafer manufacturers begin using our new scribing process, the prospects for new products are limitless.

Client Information

【Client Industries】 LED
【Business Description】 LED chip manufacturing


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