Basic Shape (ARQUE)



Appearance / tip dimensions





MOQ 1 piece
Material SUS303
Packaging Individual Packaging


Customized items


Customizable Items Specification
Internal Tip Length (TL1) 1)Please refer to spec table below
2)TL1 & TL2 have the same diameter as standard parts.
External Tip Length (TL2)
Inner Diameter (φd) φd ≧ 0.1
Outer Diameter 1(φD1) φD1 ≧ φd+0.05
Outer Diameter 2(φD2) φD2 ≧ φd+0.1、φD2 < φ1.0
Screw Specifications 2 thread screw, 1 thread screw, metal coarse screw.

* Depending on the inner thickness of the tip, it may not be possible to manufacture with the above contents.


Inner Diameter (φd) Maximum Internal Tip Length (TL1)
0.10 2
0.11 2
0.12 2.5
0.13 2.5
0.14 2.5
0.15 3.5
0.16 3.5
0.17 4.0
0.18 4.0
0.19 4.0
0.20 5.6
0.21 5.6
0.22 5.6
0.23 5.6
0.24 5.6
0.25 6.6
Inner Diameter (φd) Maximum Internal Tip Length (TL1)
0.26 6.6
0.27 6.6
0.28 6.6
0.29 6.6
0.30 8.7
0.31 8.7
0.32 8.7
0.33 8.7
0.34 8.7
0.35 9.7
0.36 9.7
0.37 9.7
0.38 9.7
0.39 9.7
0.40~0.50 11.7


Customization achievements

Tecdia offers customization for many of our products. If you wish to explore this option, please contact us at


Elliptic Tip Nozzle(For SMD)

Multi-Shot Range Nozzle

Reduces takt time incorporating two shots onto one.


Slit Nozzle (For SMD)

Multi-Shot Range Nozzle

Enables “drawing dispensing” with a cross pattern shape.
This nozzle can also reduce takt time by incorporating four shots into one.


Long Nozzle (For LED(Phosphor), CMOS)

Nozzle for Low Viscosity / Low Pressure Dispensing

Allows the dispensing of low viscosity materials with minimal dripping.
The surface resistance of the nozzle interior allows excellent accuracy
while dispensing materials under very low pressure (<0.1MPa).


Fine Nozzle (For Crystal Oscillators)

Nozzle for Dense Component Environments

Used for hard to reach areas. Without altering the inner diameter,
tip thickness is reduced from 50um to 25um allowing dispensing in
extremely narrow areas between board components.



Stamping Nozzle

Stamp Method Nozzle

In traditional pin transfer method there is a need to repeatedly dip
the pins into a reservoir for reapplication of material.
This nozzle has eliminated repeated dipping, allowing a syringe to feed
the material vertically into the nozzle improving takt time.



Solid Piece Nozzle (All-Purpose)

High Fluidity Material Dispensing Nozzle

Pipes are attached to the nozzle fixture by press and crimp methods vs. using adhesives.
This prevents unwanted detachment and leakage.




In addition, we manufacture according to each company’s specifications.
Please contact us for details.


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