The semiconductor material “GaN” is essential for the development of communication products
The application of 5G enables high-speed connection. Advancement of 5G and technological development for 6G is already looking ahead 5 to 10 years. Gallium nitride (GaN) is becoming the mainstream semiconductor material in the field for highly efficient, wide bandwidth, and high-output frequency for wireless communication. GaN has a more stable bond structure than SiC (Silicon Carbide), which is also attracting attention as a semiconductor material, and has a high dielectric breakdown strength. In addition, since the band gap is wide and can be used at a high voltage, it is expected that the power and efficiency of electronic devices will be further reduced.
The Problem
The prior issue/status
There was a demand for single-layer ceramic capacitors that could withstand high voltages.
The Solution
How the issue was solved
Tecdia manufactures high-voltage single-layer ceramic capacitors with a rated voltage of 200V, which have five characteristics.
Key Point
The reason for adoption
We provide products that meet the needs of our customers through consistent manufacturing from the manufacture of dielectric substrates to the mass production of products.
The Result
The effect of the solution
Compared to MOS capacitors, the power added efficiency (PAE) is improved, realizing the efficiency of semiconductors.
The ProblemThe prior issue/status

Creating a Single-layer ceramic capacitor that can withstand high voltage

In GaN semiconductors, single-layer ceramic capacitors are also used for impedance matching and are used under high voltage on the drain side. Due to this, single-layer ceramic capacitors that can withstand high voltage are required. Since the amplified high-frequency voltage is superimposed in addition to the bias voltage, single-layer ceramic capacitors are required to withstand high voltage within the margin of the rated voltage.

The SolutionHow the issue was solved

To manufacture single-layer ceramic capacitor with a rated voltage of 200V

In response to market needs, Tecdia has prototyped a high-voltage single-layer ceramic capacitor with the following specifications.

Rated Voltage 200V
Size 3mmX1mm
Thickness 0.15mm – 0.25mm
Capacitance 5 pF- 50 pF


Tecdia’s 200V capacitors have five features.
1. Achieves a breakdown voltage of 500V or higher, making it ideal for high-voltage applications
2. High reliability
3. By customizing to a rectangle, it is also possible to implement a horizontally long structure (L: W = maximum 8: 1)
4. Providing the optimum solution by customization of the size and capacity value
5. Conductive epoxy attachment protects heat-sensitive peripheral parts.

Key PointThe reason for adoption

Consistent manufacturing from dielectric substrate manufacturing to mass production.

At Tecdia, we manufacture substrates with dielectric constants ranging from 40 to 50,000, which realize extremely high insulation properties suitable for withstanding high voltage, from kneading to firing in-house. Since we carry out everything from the manufacture of dielectric substrates to the mass production, we can customize the size and capacity value according to the customer needs.

The ResultThe effect of the solution

Realization of High Efficiency Semiconductors

Tecdia has noticed the efficiency has been improved by optimizing the impedance using a high-voltage single-layer ceramic capacitor, as well as the power added efficiency (PAE) has improved compared to MOS capacitors.

Examples of applications for high-voltage single-layer ceramic capacitors are bias circuits and impedance matching for amplification semiconductors that go into defense radios. Currently, we do not have a lineup of high-voltage single-layer ceramic capacitors as regular products, but we can guide you through the full customization process. Please feel free to contact us.


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