Lead Time

Ships within 7 business days from the next business day after receiving an order (minimum)


Design Guidelines


Surface (A side) Inside (side B)
Pattern/Metallization Arbitrary pattern (Refer to spec table) Solid Surface or No Metallization
Metal Stack Ti:0.06 μm / Pt:0.15 μm / Au 0.5~2.5 μm(min) Ti:0.06 μm / Pt:0.15 μm / Au 0.5 μm(min)

* Ti and Pt are designed with nominal values.



Spec Table
Substrate Material Al2O3: 99.6% (standard) AlN: 170W/mK (standard)
Surface roughness Mirror polished (Polished) 0.025μm Ra Max Mirror polished (Polished) 0.051μm Ra Max
Size Minimum: 0.5mm (one side)
Maximum: 11 mm (one side)
Tolerance: ±0.05mm (minimum ±0.025mm)
Thickness Standard: 0.200 / 0.254 / 0.381 / 0.508 / 0.635mm
Tolerance: ±0.025mm
Pattern set back 3 Standard: 30μm
Tolerance: ±25μm
L / S Minimum: 15μm
Tolerance: ±10μm
Shipping Policy Shipment Quantity  Refer to shipping quantity rank by size
Product Specifications Stipulate product specifications in chip drawings (please send PDF/CAD drawings)
Shipping Inspection Implement basic item content (optional test available)
Shipment Form  Shipped in standard waffle packs

*  We recommend an aspect ratio of 7 or less, please contact us for other sizes. (Depending on the specifications, it is possible to manufacture up to about 20 mm.)
*  If the setback is narrower than the standard or does not exist, burrs, chipping, and pattern defects on the chip edge will not be considered.


Inspection Standard

Inspection Item Number of Tests
Standard Tests AQL Ⅱ 1.0% AQL Ⅱ 1.0%
Dimensions (T/L/W) 3pcs / lot
Pattern Dimensions 3pcs / lot
Optional Tests Heat Resistance Test 3pcs / lot
Wire Pointing / Pull Test 3pcs / lot


Shipping Quantity Rank by Size

Chip Size(mm) Shipment Quantity (pcs)
Length 0.5~2.0 100 (additional 100 pieces available)
Width 0.5~2.0
Length 2.0~3.1 100
Width 2.0~3.1
 Length 3.1~4.3 50
Width 3.1~4.3
 Length 4.3~6.3 25
Width 4.3~6.3
 Length 6.3~8.8 12
Width 6.3~8.8
 Length 8.8~11.0 8
Width 8.8~11.0

*Depending on the chip size, we will respond to an increase in quantity as an option.



Lead Time Price
Optional Inspection +1 week $300
Thickness Change +1 week $360
Add Shipment Quantity No change in delivery date $320


*Additional options are available for increased quantity depending on the chip size.


Other designs are also available

Please feel free to contact us regarding delivery times and prices.


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