Single Layer Chip Capacitors

Type B Capacitors

Type B Capacitors

Type B capacitors have a border around the top and bottom electrodes which helps to prevent epoxy creep-up related shorts and may aid in optical recognition with automated equipment. The bottom electrode is not suitable for solder die attach as the solder barrier layer has been removed. These capacitors can be used upside-down so top/bottom orientation is not important.

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Low εr Capacitor Part Numbers

Metal Stacks

Depending on the ceramic dielectric used and electrode configuration, we use different metal stacks to achieve best mechanical and electrical performances. The different stacks we may use are as follows.

Electrode Metalization
Top TiW – Au OR TaN – TiW – Au
Bottom TiW – Au OR TaN – TiW – Au

Active PN Spectrum

Table cells can be clicked to reveal applicable part numbers and a link to the spec sheet for details. The different colors represent the different dielectric material used as below.

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