Ceramic Products Overview

Products List

  • Single Layer Chip Capacitors

    Wire bondable, ceramic single layer chip capacitors for high frequency applications.

  • Rectangular Capacitors

    Wire bondable, high aspect ratio chip capacitors for transistor impedance pre-matching and other applications.

  • Binary Capacitors

    Wire bondable, multiple pad capacitors for prototyping or precision capacitance tuning.

  • Gap Capacitors

    Wire bondable OR flip chip (SMT) style die attach AC coupling capacitors.

  • Row Capacitors

    Wire bondable row/array capacitors for decoupling multiple channels of a MMIC or other die.

  • Thin Film Chip Resistors

    Chip resistors for impedance matching and noise filtering applications.

  • Ground Blocks

    Ceramic Ground Blocks are customizable conductive shims ideal for application within micro-assemblies in both optical and microwave industries.

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