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Creep-up Prevention

Nozzle Creep-Up

Clog Suppression

ARQUE nozzles are engineered with a “full-flat” interior designed with a joint-less internal taper eliminating the stepped bore that causes accumulation and hardening of material. This allows the nozzle to maintain high fluidity without clogging.


Tapered Design

The smooth transition of the tapered design is free from tool marks and fully eliminates clogging.


Internal Shape Comparison

The straight and smooth internal profile eliminates material clogging caused by stepped machining.


Perfect Alignment

Joint-less interface improves pressure response between the nozzle and the syringe.



Shorter nozzles tip lengths are available for some ARQUE products.

Standard Dimensions

(Unit: mm)

Model Part Number I.D. (Ф) O.D. (Ф) Material
ARQUE ARQ-S-1020 0.10 0.20 SUS303
ARQ-S-1525 0.15 0.25 SUS303
ARQ-S-2030 0.20 0.30 SUS303
ARQ-S-2535 0.25 0.35 SUS303
ARQ-S-3040 0.30 0.40 SUS303
ARQ-S-3545 0.35 0.45 SUS303
ARQ-S-4050 0.40 0.50 SUS303
ARQ-S-4555 0.45 0.55 SUS303
ARQ-S-5060 0.50 0.60 SUS303
ARQ-S-6070 0.60 0.70 SUS303
ARQUE-S ARQ-S-1020-S 0.10 0.20 SUS303
ARQ-S-1525-S 0.15 0.25 SUS303
ARQ-S-2030-S 0.20 0.30 SUS303

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