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ARQUE Product Overview

Tapered Bore
Polished Tip
Syringe Bore
Coating Option AG Coating AG Coating AG Coating
Tip Length 0.30 1.00 1.00 0.30 or 1.00 0.20 0.30
Tip (I.D. x O.D.) 0.10 × 0.20 0.10 × 0.20 0.30 × 0.40 Customizable 0.03 × 0.08 0.05 × 0.10
0.15 × 0.25 0.15 × 0.25 0.35 × 0.45 0.07 × 0.12
0.20 × 0.30 0.20 × 0.30 0.40 × 0.50 0.08 × 0.13
0.25 × 0.35 0.50 × 0.60
0.30 × 0.40 0.60 × 0.70
0.35 × 0.45
0.40 × 0.50
0.45 × 0.55
0.50 × 0.60
0.60 × 0.70

Key to Part Numbers

Units: um

Standard Part Numbers


  • Tecdia’s primary dispensing nozzle.
Model Part Number I.D. (mm) O.D. (mm) Material
ARQUE A-100200100SN-A121 0.1 0.2 SUS303
A-150250100SN-A122 0.15 0.25 SUS303
A-200300100SN-A123 0.2 0.3 SUS303
A-250350100SN-A124 0.25 0.35 SUS303
A-300400100SN-A125 0.3 0.4 SUS303
A-350450100SN-A126 0.35 0.45 SUS303
A-400500100SN-A127 0.4 0.5 SUS303
A-450550100SN-A128 0.45 0.55 SUS303
A-500600100SN-A129 0.5 0.6 SUS303
A-600700100SN-A432 0.6 0.7 SUS303
A-700800100SN-A433 0.7 0.8 SUS303
A-800900100SN-A434 0.8 0.9 SUS303
A-90010100SN-A435 0.9 1 SUS303
ARQUE-S A-100200000SN-A191 0.1 0.2 SUS303
A-150250000SN-A192 0.15 0.25 SUS303
A-200300000SN-A193 0.2 0.3 SUS303

Standard nozzle length is 1.0mm. Short nozzle tip length parts (“-S” parts) have a 0.3mm nozzle length.


  • A cost-emphasised model taking the basic Arque specifications intended for mass production.
Model Part Number I.D. (mm) O.D. (mm) Material
ARQUE SELECT A-300400100SN-A742 0.3 0.4 SUS303
A-350450100SN-A743 0.35 0.45 SUS303
A-400500100SN-A744 0.4 0.5 SUS303
A-500600100SN-A745 0.5 0.6 SUS303
A-600700100SN-A746 0.6 0.7 SUS303


  • Ultra-fine and high precision nozzles that push the limits for the latest R&D technology.
Model Part Number I.D. (mm) O.D. (mm) Material
ARQUE PREMIUM A-030080000SN-A538 0.03 0.08 SUS303
A-050100000SN-A539 0.05 0.1 SUS303
A-070120000SN-A540 0.07 0.12 SUS303
A-080130000SN-A541 0.08 0.13 SUS303


  • As of September 1, 2020, we updated our part number scheme. The below table shows the new part numbers versus the legacy part numbers.
Model New Part Number Old Part Number
ARQUE A-100200100SN-A121 ARQ-S-1020
A-150250100SN-A122 ARQ-S-1525
A-200300100SN-A123 ARQ-S-2030
A-250350100SN-A124 ARQ-S-2535
A-300400100SN-A125 ARQ-S-3040
A-350450100SN-A126 ARQ-S-3545
A-400500100SN-A127 ARQ-S-4050
A-450550100SN-A128 ARQ-S-4555
A-500600100SN-A129 ARQ-S-5060
A-600700100SN-A432 ARQ-S-6070
A-700800100SN-A433 ARQ-S-7080
A-800900100SN-A434 ARQ-S-8090
A-900X10100SN-A435 ARQ-S-9010
ARQUE-S A-100200000SN-A191 ARQ-S-1020-S
A-150250000SN-A192 ARQ-S-1525-S
A-200300000SN-A193 ARQ-S-2030-S
ARQUE SELECT A-300400100SN-A742 TCN-S-3040
A-350450100SN-A743 TCN-S-3545
A-400500100SN-A744 TCN-S-4050
A-500600100SN-A745 TCN-S-5060
A-600700100SN-A746 TCN-S-6070
ARQUE PREMIUM A-030080000SN-A538 ARQ-S-0308-S
A-050100000SN-A539 ARQ-S-0510-S
A-070120000SN-A540 ARQ-S-0712-S
A-080130000SN-A541 ARQ-S-0813-S

Creep-up Prevention

Nozzle Creep-Up

Clog Suppression

ARQUE nozzles are engineered with a “full-flat” interior designed with a joint-less internal taper eliminating the stepped bore that causes accumulation and hardening of material. This allows the nozzle to maintain high fluidity without clogging.

Viscosity (High) Viscosity (Low) Filler (Large) Filler (Small) Tip Strength Washabillty Prevents Creep-up Precision
ARQUE Very Good Excellent Excellent Excellent Very Good Excellent Very Good Excellent
ARQUE-S Excellent OK Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Very Good Excellent
Super Long OK Excellent Excellent Excellent OK Excellent Very Good Excellent
SELECT Very Good Very Good Excellent Excellent Very Good Excellent Very Good Very Good
PREMIUM Excellent OK OK OK OK Excellent Very Good Excellent
AG coating Excellent

Tapered Design

The smooth transition of the tapered design is free from tool marks and fully eliminates clogging.


Internal Shape Comparison

The straight and smooth internal profile eliminates material clogging caused by stepped machining.


Perfect Alignment

Joint-less interface improves pressure response between the nozzle and the syringe.


Shorter nozzles tip lengths are available for some ARQUE products.

AG Coating

Tecdia offers AG coating for select ARQUE products. This hydrophobic coating improves the ability of nozzle to separate from the material and reduces material stringing. Thus improving the dispensing consistency.

Nozzle Cleaning

We recommend cleaning in an ultrasonic bath then rinsing with acetone or IPA. Please take care when cleaning in the ultrasonic bath as the nozzle tips are fragile. Cleaning jigs to place in the bath to protect the nozzle tips are available for sale

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