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Dispensing Nozzles

Dispensing Nozzles

Tecdia’s dispensing nozzles cater to those looking for precision nozzles of the highest quality. Our nozzles are versatile dispensing solutions that offer a high level of accuracy over a wide range of material viscosities. The Arqué nozzle range are a no compromise solution best suited for highly viscous materials where accuracy is mission critical. The range includes cost-sensitve Arque Select models, customizable coating and hole diameter Arque Custom models and R&D focused nozzles in our Arque Premium range. We also offer nozzles with ruby tips, multi-nozzles for simultaneous dispensing of several fluids and other special application nozzles.



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    ARQUÉ, Tecdia’s core nozzle for acheiving high precision processing and high quality manufacturing.

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    ARQUÉ Select

    The same basic ARQUÉ specifications in the most popular sizes for greatest cost performance.

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    ARQUÉ Custom

    Customizable nozzles with various coatings and dimensions possible to achieve the highest quality product.


    ARQUÉ Premium

    Ultra-fine and high precision nozzles for advanced R&D projects.

Other Nozzles

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