Precision Products


Precision Products

In addition to having superb products and technical know-how, we offer the advantage of being a source for consumables as well as equipment, Product support is one of our strengths.

Not content to rely solely upon our own innovation, we actively seek the input from our customer to ensure we understand their needs and obtain the benefit of their opinions. Our approach to developing a product is to gain the perspective of the users, near and distant views, and earn product loyalty through service and innovation.

We also recognize that ease of use and maintainability are very important to customer satisfaction, and are committed to continually improving our testing and evaluation performance and capability.

Product Categories

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    Arque Lineup

    A lineup of quality reusable nozzles for ultra precise dispensing applications.

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    Dispensing Nozzles

    Tecdia’s dispensing nozzles cater to those looking for precision nozzles of the highest quality.

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    Durable Die ejection needles made with diamond.

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    Precision Machined Goods

    By integrating our diamond processing techniques along with our established history of precision machining we are able to develop products to meet our customers needs.

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