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Wafer Scribing Tools

Wafer Scribing Tools

Die singulation performed with a diamond scribe and break process has distinct advantages over conventional saw or laser dicing methods. Scribe and break is inherently a dry process which generates virtually zero heat and requires no liquid coolants that can potentially damage sensitive structures. Because scribing propagates micro-cracks inside the wafer material along crystal boundaries, a cross-section facet with a mirror like surface results, free from laser ablation or dicing damage. The scribing process requires virtually no kerf hence allowing die density to be maximized. Tecdia has an extensive array of 2, 3 and 4 cut-point tools that are suited for wafer thicknesses from 50-500 microns.

Scribing Tool Selection

4 points 3 points 2 points
ZnO TD-410

Toe vs Heel Tool Cutting Angle

Toe Tools

Utilize the tip of the cut point diamond for narrow and shallow scribe lines

Heel Tools

Use a lower triangular point, creating a wider and deeper scribe line

Tecdia Scribe Tool Benefits

Best in Class Tool

Each tool is meticulously crafted and inspected to only the highest standards for shank uniformity, diamond positioning and cutting angles.

High Yield Potential

Our standard shank is designed to work with most commercially available scribing platforms. Although not recommended for best performance, our tools can be used in hand scribing applications.


Tecdia scribe tools are designed for longevity and maximum wafer singulation yield. Diamonds are bonded to the shank through a proprietary method that yields extremely accurate alignment geometries.

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