Contract Manufacturing Services

Global Advantages

Global Advantage

For supply chain support

Tecdia’s offshore manufacturing contractor, CMI, is located in an export zone Mactan, a small harbor island that is also the location of the international airport serving the city of Cebu on the island of Cebu. The plant is positioned perfectly, just 10 minutes from the airport, and 40 minutes from the Cebu International Port Less than 5 hours by air from Tecdia’s headquarters and factories in Japan, within a few hours of other countries in Asia where Tecdia has sales and support offices enables CMI to conveniently and quickly interface with Tecdia’s management, technical support, and sales operations. In addition, CMI is supported by Tecdia’s sales and logistics operations in the USA. Coupled with Tecdia’s network of global representatives, CMI can offer contacting parties the convenience of local contacts and customer service.


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