Contract Manufacturing Services


Contract Manufacturing Services

ps_cms_ocms_01Is the building trade tension between the US and China causing you concern about possible added tariffs? Are you finding China-based manufacturers increasingly expensive? Looking to contract a manufacturer to support your production from early prototypes through to turnkey production level service? Outsourcing your manufacturing location to The Philippines now is a strategic move that is sure to pay dividends over the coming years.

Why The Philippines?

The Philippines has proven to be a stable manufacturing location both in terms of consistent wages, an abundant workforce, depth of manufacturing expertise and government support. In fact, there are over 100,000 employees nationwide in the semiconductor device and other electronic component manufacturing sector, boasting the highest share of value added contribution to the national economy compared to other industry sub-classes.

Who is Tecdia Cebu, Inc.?

Tecdia itself carefully selected The Philippines as the location for manufacturing their own OEM products, establishing the sister facility Cebu Microelectronics, INC. (CMI), now known as Tecdia Cebu, Inc. TCI has enabled Tecdia to remain price competitive with our own products, while supporting production of multiple components in scalable volumes. TCI has particular expertise and experience in the electronic component/device sector but are by all means open to partnering with customers with needs of other industries.

TCI’s Manufacturing Strengths

  • Support from prototypes through to large scale production
  • US/Europe liaison offices available to proxy information to eliminate timezone hassles
  • Turnkey services available
  • Located in a special import/export zone in proximity to the Cebu port for short transit times and customs clearance
  • Manufacturing space available for now!

Product Experience

TCI has produced a range of products for Tecdia customers since its establishment, particularly for the RF and optical industries, in addition to the electronic components, diamond tools and other machined products available from Tecdia. A few examples are listed below:


1G/2.5G/10G EML TOSA

FET Packaging

GaAs/GaN FET experience

Optical Transcievers

SFP form factor assembly

Tunable TOSA

High-end TOSA assemblies

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