Products & Services

Products & Services

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    Hybrid Ceramic Technology (Substrates)

    HCT combines over 35 years of experience in ceramics, machining, wafer processing, and micro-circuits into one group that specializes in advanced ceramic substrate technologies.

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    Ceramic Products

    Our ceramic line includes Single Layer Capacitors, Resistors and RC networks. These products improve the performance of microwave, millimeter-wave and optical communication devices worldwide.

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    Precision Products

    Offering state-of-the-art precision machined products such as dispensing nozzles, needles, custom tools and jigs.

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    Diamond Products

    Handcrafted precision diamond tools for the semiconductor and nanoindentation industries made possible by Tecdia’s proprietary brazing techniques.

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    Contract Manufacturing Services

    Cebu Microelectronics Inc. is a ISO9001 certified facility providing a wide range of production services and processes from assembly to final inspection for both microwave and optical assemblies. Products include FET packaging, microcircuits, TO-CAN and optical transceiver assembly and test.