Products & Services

Products & Services

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    Hybrid Ceramic Technology (Substrates)

    HCT combines over 35 years of experience in ceramics, machining, wafer processing, and micro-circuits into one group that specializes in advanced ceramic substrate technologies.

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    Ceramic Products

    Our ceramic line includes Single Layer Capacitors, Resistors and RC networks. These products improve the performance of microwave, millimeter-wave and optical communication devices worldwide.

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    Precision Products

    Offering state-of-the-art precision machined products such as dispensing nozzles, needles, custom tools and jigs.

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    Diamond Products

    Handcrafted precision diamond tools for the semiconductor and nanoindentation industries made possible by Tecdia’s proprietary brazing techniques.

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    Contract Manufacturing Services

    Cebu Microelectronics Inc. is a ISO9001 certified facility providing a wide range of production services and processes from assembly to final inspection for both microwave and optical assemblies. Products include FET packaging, microcircuits, TO-CAN and optical transceiver assembly and test.

Products List

  • Precision Machined Goods

    Tecdia’s diamond process technologies and precision machining technologies cultivated over the years enables the creation of advanced and customized machined goods. Our mission is to cater to our customer’s every expectation and desire. Feel free to contact us at any time with your enquiry. Product Examples Multi-Nozzle Dispensing Fixtures Customized nozzle assemblies made with your

  • Diamond Needles

    Features Achieve high productivity with diamond tips The toughness of diamonds provides slower loss of tolerance from wear and tear. The longer tip life means less downtime for periodic tool inspections and changes, saving time and money. Reduce Die Damage Tip deterioration increases the risk of die damage from out of specification contacting during push-up

  • Contract Manufacturing Services

    Is the building trade tension between the US and China causing you concern about possible added tariffs? Are you finding China-based manufacturers increasingly expensive? Looking to contract a manufacturer to support your production from early prototypes through to turnkey production level service? Outsourcing your manufacturing location to The Philippines now is a strategic move that

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    Diamond Products

    A diamond has the unique qualities that are useful as an industrial product; however they can be a very challenging material to shape and process in tool manufacturing and producing other industrial products. Meeting the challenge has been the foundation of our company from its very beginning, and thus emphasized in the “dia” of our

  • Dispensing Nozzles

    Tecdia’s dispensing nozzles cater to those looking for precision nozzles of the highest quality. Our nozzles are versatile dispensing solutions that offer a high level of accuracy over a wide range of material viscosities. The Arqué nozzle range are a no compromise solution best suited for highly viscous materials where accuracy is mission critical. The

  • Precision Products

    In addition to having superb products and technical know-how, we offer the advantage of being a source for consumables as well as equipment, Product support is one of our strengths. Not content to rely solely upon our own innovation, we actively seek the input from our customer to ensure we understand their needs and obtain

  • Thin-Film Substrates

    Ceramic/Quartz Substrates Fully customizable circuits on a wide variety of materials Thin Film Technology Ceramic and other hard substrates with high precision thin film patterns and laser machining Our thin film substrates divisions combine over 35 years of experience in ceramics, machining, wafer processing, and micro-circuits into one group that specializes in advanced ceramic substrate