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Notice of name change to our Manufacturing Facility

March 24th, 2022

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On April 15th, 2022 our primary manufacturing facility of the Tecdia Group, Cebu Microelectronics Inc., will be changing its name to Tecdia Cebu, Inc. 

In addition to this name change, Tecdia Cebu, Inc, previously a separate entity owned by a Tecdia founder, will now be a subsidiary of Tecdia Co. Ltd., located in Japan.

There will be no changes that affect the functional management of the company.

No changes are expected with regards to invoicing, payments and your point of contact.

Tecdia Inc. and other subsidiaries and the affiliated entities of the Tecdia Group will continue to serve as exclusive distributors of the OEM goods produced by the facility.

Former company name: CEBU MICROELECTRONICS INC. 

New company name: TECDIA CEBU, INC. 

Trade names change date: April 15, 2022 

* The address and phone number will not be changed. 


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