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Solder-Ready SLCs

Solder-Ready SLCs

Class I and II SLCs with thin-film Gold-Tin (AuSn) predeposited for hassle-free die-attach.


  • Easier and faster eutectic die attach process
  • No need for Gold-Tin (AuSn) preforms
  • Decreased BOM count
  • No cap-to-preform alignment issues
  • No preform handling issues
  • AuSn 80:20 wt% with 10um nom. thickness


AuSn (gold-tin solder) can be added to the metallization stack of any type A (top border only) or type C (no borders) Tecdia capacitor using class I or class II dielectric. These dielectrics include alumina (K10) and our range of titanates (K40-K2800) and can be located in our catalog here or on our Standard Single Layer Chip Capacitors page.

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We get it. It’s tough to find the perfect capacitor with all the possible size, thickness, electrode, dielectric and capacitance options from among our thousands of part numbers… and now we have thrown an AuSn option into the mix. For the base capacitor, our Product Search Engine is a great place to start, but for an immediate response or assistance just give us a call at 408-748-0100 (USA) or contact us electronically using our contact form, tell us your requirements and we will find you the perfect part for you.