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Diamond Industrial Products

What are diamond scribers?
– Diamond scribers are cutting tools used in wafer scribing machines to make scribe cuts on semiconductor wafers as part of the dicing process to convert the wafer into chips. These tools have specially shaped diamonds at their tips to make the cuts in the hard wafer materials.
What are some of the features of diamond scribers?
– Scribing is actually a material fracturing process where the cut is used to initiate a controlled crack along which the material will break under pressure, just like a method used in glass cutting. The scribers are designed for specific types of wafer materials and characteristics. It is very important to have the correct scribing tool to create the needed stress for cracking without damaging the products (dice) to be broken loose, and give good production performance.
What are the advantages of diamond scribers?
– Scribing is a dry cutting process that does not create high friction heat, like sawing, or melting heat by lasers, and thus does not require applying a coolant, such as water, and avoids the possibility of heat damage. The wafer cross-section created at the scribe break along cleavage lines have a mirror finish, which makes this method especially ideal for singulation operations for dice to be used in light-emitting devices. It is also makes quick cuts since the width of a scribe line is only a few microns.
How can I choose the right diamond scriber?
– You need to select one based on the material, substrate thickness, and other characteristics of the wafers you’re going to cut.
Browse through our scriber selection first to see what’s available, then let us help you choose.
Do diamond scribers wear out?
– Yes, even diamonds, so famous for their ultra-hardness, do wear with use, but they can be refurbished for reuse. We do that.