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Ceramic Products

What capacitor is the best for the capacitance I need?
– Choosing the best capacitor for any given application depends on many factors other than its nominal capacitance value. Often it is necessary to balance different characteristics to achieve the all around best choice. Tecdia specializes in single layer ceramic chip capacitors used in microelectronic circuits for high frequency applications and in photonics. We have a very large selection of capacitor products that cover the full spectrum of features you may need to consider, e.g. electrical, environmental, mechanical, installation, and cost. We can provide the information you need and samples to try.
About how much will it cost?
– The key factors that affect cost are: design style, size, capacitance tolerance, screening, and purchase quantity. Other factors that can affect cost are packaging, custom specifications, non-standard processing, to name a few. Our sales staff can assist you in getting the best value for your needs.
What is the lead time?
– Single layer capacitors are made by dicing metalized ceramic wafers. The yield per wafer depends on a variety of factors and can range from less than 100 to thousands. So lead time can vary from a few days to several months, depending on the availability of diced parts, wafers available for dicing, order volume, and screening requirements. Tecdia provides a variety of supply plans, including VMI, that enable customers to have parts when they need them.
Can you make capacitors with custom specifications?
– Yes we can.
We can handle metallization and high accuracy patterning, depending on the dielectric material used and intended use. There are certain limitations to size, thickness, etc., so we will work with you to discuss and decide the specifications that will be best for you. For certain custom designs we may request that you include a print showing specifications and digital data (Dxf or Dwg).
What type of data can you provide?
– We collect reliability data on a continual basis for the ceramic dielectric material we use to make capacitors. We also retain for specified periods test and measurement data routinely recorded during product production and screening. High frequency characteristics, S-parameter data, and other characteristics can be produced on request for specific products. We have a well equipped test lab that is capable of performing the most popular requirements, including space qualification.
What is the warranty like?
– Our standard warranty for serviceability is one year from the date of delivery on condition the parts are properly protected before use and not damaged by installation or operation. Quality standards will depend upon the grade level of product ordered.
Do you have multi-layer capacitors?
– We do not.
There are major differences in the technologies and manufacturing processes for multi-layer (or embedded single layer) and conventional single layer capacitors. It is very important to understand these differences when evaluating screening and application requirements. Tecdia is a full service manufacturer of ceramic wafers from powder mixing to grinding and polishing. And we use those wafers, as well as purchased ones, to produce various types of products, including capacitors, using our thin film metallization processes.