Scribing New-Generation Wafers

Scribing New-Generation Wafers

Product innovation: a manual, easy-to-use, highly accurate wafer scribers

Requiring no formal training or complicated setup, the quick and simple Handy Wafer Scriber is ideal for both educational and commercial research.

The Challenge:

An inexpensive, easy-to-use wafer scriber is demanded for new wafer development.

Businesses and universities working with small budgets were unable to purchase expensive machinery to scribe wafers while outsourcing remains to be time-consuming and costly. In the competitive arena of R&D, inexpensive and simple tools are essential. We developed a tool that could accurately scribe GaN, Sapphire and other materials that did not require specialized technology also providing a user-friendly experience.

In order to develop this technology, Tecdia surveyed its customers in order to better understand their scribing needs. Tecdia discovered the following:

  1. It is difficult to see the scribing area with precision
  2. The wafer is difficult to stabilize during scribing
  3. It is difficult to maintain the correct angle of the diamond cutting surface during scribing
  4. Maintaining consistent pressure was problematic

In order to address these concerns, Tecdia developed the “Handy Wafer Scriber”. In just 4 simple steps, wafers can be accurately cut by trained professionals or a novice user.

The Solution:

We designed an easy-to-use scribing system called the “Handy Wafer Scriber”
The pen-shaped scriber solves the challenges faced with manual scribing
  1. Scribe Tool Holder
    The scribe tool holder is designed in order to enable user to see where to scribe.

  3. “Sandwich” Method
    By placing the wafer between the scribing baseplates, the wafer is held still preventing wafer from shifting around.

  5. Scribe tool grip improvement
    By placing the scribe tool on the cutting point, it is automatically set. The cutting angle is kept consistent.

  7. Scribe tool spring
    With the addition of the spring, pressure is evenly distributed along the scribe line.

Instructional Video

With Tecdia’s advanced diamond scribe tools and precision machining we were able to produce this product in order to meet the needs of our diverse patrons.

The Result:

Our Handy Wafer Scriber has been used in start-up businesses, world renowned corporations, and universities.

Client Information

【Client Industries】
Technological Universities and Laboratories (U.S.A.), R&D Facilities (Spain), Semiconductor Producers & Quality Assurance Departments (Japan & Germany)