Perfect Wafer Scribing with Tool Setting

Perfect Wafer Scribing with Tool Setting

Tecdia’s tool setter jig provides quick and accurate scriber alignment and installation into a scriber machine.

The perfect scribe is not just about cutting a neat line. It’s about cuts that produce neat cleavage breaks between the die’s. Having the right scribing tool for the job is fundamental. The next challenge is to set up the tool in the scribing machine so it will be perfectly aligned for the intended cut. This tutorial will help you meet the challenge whether you are just starting to use wafer scribing tools and equipment or looking to shorten process times for existing equipment. Tecdia can provide you with the right tool setter to better assist your work.

The Challenge:

Reinstalling and setting up a scribing tool is very time consuming and requires considerable training and specialized skills

The shape of the tool tip must be set in the correct alignment for scribing the wafer. Since the tip is microscopic in size it is difficult to see the tip or to determine the cutting point of the scribing tool. It is cumbersome for an operator to make these adjustments with the naked eye or by using low magnification devices. Additionally, it is necessary to use a sample wafer in order to perform scribing tests to ensure the cuts are within the specification. This process is traditional in the sense that it required a lot of the operator’s time and the results depended heavily on that operator’s skill.

The Solution:

We developed a tool setter jig to find the cutting point(s) of scribing tools easily and quickly.
We viewed this problem as being both visual and mechanical. There needed to be a simple way to see the tool point under high magnification and the ability to set the alignment mechanically in the scribing machine. After examining various methods, we decided on making a tool cartridge that holds the scriber when viewing the tool tip under a microscope. This jig is also used for adjusting its orientation in the cartridge. This makes the process simple and quick, and also allows a large number of tip points to be located at once. After adjusting, the cartridge is used to install the scribing tool in the scribing machine with the tool tip correctly configured. This solution uses two innovations: a tool setter with a microscope and a tool setter cartridge. The process is described below.


The Key Concept was “pre-packaged setup”
Our approach was to isolate the cutting tool’s alignment process from the cutting machine, allowing tool alignment to be done off-line and under ideal conditions. This added the benefit that multiple tool setups could be performed off-line and ready for swapping. The key concept in our model is “pre-packaged setup”.
Process Flow


The Result:

This alignment system allows operators to easily and consistently locate cutting points to greatly improve the consistency of quality. In addition, the “changeover time,” or the downtime needed to prepare equipment for scribing, is dramatically decreased. Off-line tool setting allows more efficient scheduling of processes as well as efficient operator training.

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