Single-layer Ceramic Capacitors that Contribute to the Development of 5G

Single-layer Ceramic Capacitors that Contribute to the Development of 5G

Improving efficiency and speed of transmission technology through the development of 5G.

5G is already supporting many IoT this year. Its features in data communication include:

(1) high speed and large capacity

(2) multiple simultaneous connections

(3) high reliability and low latency

Taking advantage of these characteristics, the realization of remote medical care and autonomous driving will completely change our lives. While the speed and efficiency of transmission technology using light and radio waves are being promoted, Tecdia is contributing to the improvement of 5G technology by providing single-layer ceramic capacitors.


The Challenge:

Providing high-quality products with short delivery times

As technology development progresses toward the state of 5G services, shorter lead times and advanced technology has become the primary requirement. High quality is also necessary for single-layer ceramic capacitors that are required for terminals and base stations. This is due to the combined use of many innovative technologies such as large-scale MIMO and millimeter-wave wireless communication with vast bandwidth.


The Solution:

In-house production of dielectrics and quality assurance in Japan

Tecdia has a dielectric constant of 40 to 50,000 materials used for single-layer ceramic capacitors, which is manufactured in-house. Therefore, quality control is easy, and we can offer products of all lineups at low prices. Furthermore, we have achieved high quality by performing quality assurance in Japan. In fact, Tecdia’s single-layer ceramic capacitors are also used in satellites and defenses where high quality is required.

In addition, R & D is conducted in Japan, mass production is carried out in the inexpensive Philippines, and sales counters are set up in Japan, China, Taiwan, South Korea, the United States, the United Kingdom. Sales agents are set up in Russia, Italy, and Israel. We are able to achieve quick delivery by consistently performing development, manufacturing, and sales in-house. Standard samples can be delivered in about one week.

Key Point:

Providing services tailored to local business customs and customers

By setting up sales counters in each country, Tecdia understands the business customs of the area and has solved many problems together with customers through sales agent that are closer to the customers. Utilizing the know-how cultivated through more than 40 years of research and development and sales results. Due to Tecdia’s flexible mindset, we have made proposals that exceed the needs of our customers.


The Result:

Contributes to improving 5G technology

Currently, Tecdia’s single-layer ceramic capacitors include 5G RF amplifiers, 10G PON transceivers for FTTH for optical communications, 25G NRZ transceivers, 100G and 400G PAM4 transceivers for cutting-edge data centers, and the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. It is widely used, such as SDI for 8K TVs used in competitions. We will continue to develop products that meet the needs of the world by providing low-priced, short-delivery products for optical communications and high-performance, highly reliable products for wireless communications.


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