Ruby Nozzle created for liquid crystal panel manufacturing to improve coating quality

Ruby Nozzle created for liquid crystal panel manufacturing to improve coating quality

Liquid crystal panels are required to have higher performance such as being waterproof and being strong in miniaturization and thinning. The conventional assembly method of using screws is changing to assembly method of using adhesives. Therefore, finding a technology that uses a dispenser nozzle to accurately apply the required amount of adhesive in a narrow space has become of the utmost importance.

The Challenge:

Creating a dispenser nozzle to achieve accurate and stable application

Adhesion of liquid crystal panels plays an important role due to the accuracy of adhesive application is directly related to touch panel performance. It was necessary to make various improvements such as fixing creep up on the tip of the nozzle when applying adhesive, as well as fixing the clogging of the material inside the nozzle.


The Solution:

Developed a nozzle with a Ruby tip.

 Tecdia has developed a dispenser nozzle with a ruby ​​tip. The tip of a normal dispenser nozzle is made of stainless steel, but we have succeeded in improving internal fluidity by using ruby, which has less wear. In addition, it suppresses the common issues such as material clogging and dripping, while realizing accurate and stable application. Due to the toughness of the ruby, the tip wear caused by contact with the glass substrate was also reduced, leading to a shorter takt time.


Key Point:

Significantly improved coating accuracy by applying unique tip lapping.

In addition to adopting the ruby tip, we have adopted a “tip wrap” which is also a feature of the Tecdia dispenser nozzle. It polishes the flat surface of the nozzle tip, suppressing the surface tension with the material and greatly reducing the dispersion of application due to creeping up and liquid pool. This product also supports custom manufacturing and the tip inner diameter can also be selected according to the customer’s application, which was also the deciding factor for the introduction of *0.05mm ~ φ0.50mm size.


The Result:

Accurate and stable application contributes to higher definition and thinner LCD panels.

Please feel free to contact us if you have a problem with your current dispenser nozzle or if you are pursuing more accurate dispensing. As an expert in dispenser nozzles, we will propose the most suitable dispenser nozzle for your application.

Client Information:

[Client industry] LCD panel manufacturer (Taiwan)
[Business description] LCD panel manufacturing


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