Diamond Tipped Ejector Needles for Semiconductor Manufacturing

Diamond Tipped Ejector Needles for Semiconductor Manufacturing

Approximately 120 times longer life cycle achieved by using diamond for a push-up pin tip.

Diamond tipped ejector needles (push-up pins) are used as a consumable during semiconductor manufacturing processes to push up and help release chips from dicing tape. In recent years, with the miniaturization and ultra-thin thickness of chips, the most suitable devices and consumable parts for chips are in greater demand.

The Challenge:

With the spread of 5G, the speed at which communication takes place is on the rise, and with it the amount of heat generated by high-speed processing data is also increasing. As such, semiconductor substrates are required to have high heat dissipation and high isolation. For this reason, alumina substrates have attracted attention instead of conventional organic substrates. However, since alumina (aluminum oxide) has the second highest hardness after diamond, the tips of push-up needles made of carbide used in the past result in rapid tip wear, making cost and time spent making replacements an issue for customers.

The Solution:

Tecdia proposed a “Diamond Needle” product, which uses diamond at the tip of the needle. According to our customer’s evaluation, the conventional product required replacement of the needle after about 5,000 push-ups, but with the diamond needle, the needle tip maintains the same shape even after 600,000 uses.

Key Point:

Tecdia’s strength lies in its “composite technology” in which electronic parts, precision machined products, and industrial diamond products are manufactured under one roof. By using the combined technology, we were able to catch the customer’s consumables issue. We have a long-term relationship within the electronic parts business, and proposed a product called “Diamond Tipped Ejector Needle” as a solution.

The Result:

By switching to diamond needles, annual needle usage has been reduced from 792 to one. We succeeded in reducing not only consumables costs but also labor costs for replacement and shortening of tact time, satisfying our customers.

Client information:

Semiconductor manufacturers

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