About Us

About Tecdia

About Tecdia

Tecdia provides solutions for the global market by using our experience and expertise. We innovate technology to adapt to users’ needs.
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Tecdia has always been able to keep pace in the semiconductor market, providing our customers with high-tech electronic components and equipment, precision-machined tools, and solution consulting services.

Our core competencies can be found in three areas:

  1. Collaborative teamwork between departments invigorates our technical prowess
  2. Capable production facilities that bring our designs to life
  3. Continuous growth in our staff’s abilities so that we may better serve our clients

Our Vision


Since our very beginning as a company, our unchanging hope has always been to be able to give our clients what they need. This is still true in today’s ever-changing business world, where need is taking on more and more diverse forms.

Our made-to-order production system, which we use to satisfy the diverse needs of our customers with meticulous care, is an expression of our craftsmanship. This is why we’re so confident that no other company can match our products.

Engagement with our customers in producing products is what keeps us going, and we are sincerely grateful to have the opportunity to work with every one of them.

We take pride in being a part of the mechanism that drives our age forward with each successive technological revolution. Tecdia is always ready take on the challenge to expand our sights into new fields in the world to give our customers what they need.

Our Philosophy

“Let’s do this” approach to business
Tecdia seeks to move beyond the limitations of current manufacturing techniques through innovative engineering and passionate craftsmanship. We work closely with our customers to bring ideas that surpass their expectations.

Tecdia History

Jun. 1976 Techtronics Co., Ltd. is established as the successor to Koyama Diamond, Ltd. Manufacturer and exporter of audio products.
Sep. 1976 Diamond processing lab established in Nerima-ku, Tokyo.
May 1977 Achieved technological breakthrough in diamond brazing.
Jul. 1978 Development of high frequency electronics products begins.
Sep. 1979 Commenced sales of high frequency electronics business.
Oct. 1979 Manufacturing branch established in Tokorozawa, Saitama Japan for audio products.
Oct. 1979 Techtronics renamed: Tecdia Company Ltd. Opened a factory in Sakuradai, Nerima-ku Tokyo, Japan for precision instruments production after successful development of diamond scalpels and knives.
Apr. 1983 Tecdia headquarters office moved to in the Sunshine60 skyscraper in Tokyo, Japan.
Dec. 1985 Tecdia Inc. established in Mountain View, California’s Silicon Valley, to develop business previously done through a USA representative.
Dec. 1985 Patent for audio product granted in the US following earlier grant of the same patent in Japan (January, 1982).
Jul. 1987 Sakuradai Factory and the Tokorozawa Factory are combined into one factory in Sayama to meet the needs to the growing company.
Jul. 1988 A Tecdia company is established in Melbourne, Australia to manufacture and sell audio components.
Jan. 1990 Established facility in Saikyo-ku Kyoto, Japan to design and produce ceramic passive components for high frequency electronics.
Jun. 1993 Cebu Microelectronics, Inc (CMI) is founded in the Philippines, Mactan Export Processing Zone to perform contract manufacturing services for Tecdia’s design centers in Japan and other Japanese companies.
Nov. 1994 Microwave Technologies Division established to develop custom components and devices for microwave equipment manufactures.
Oct. 1995 Tecdia begins the development and manufacture of electronics components for fiber optics applications.
Sep. 1996 Constructed a second factory building at CMI’s Cebu location. Expansion enables CMI to manufacture products for Tecdia’s Microwave Technology Division.
Jun. 1999 Fiber optic connector assembly added to Tecdia’s production capabilities.
Jun. 2000 Diamond Product Technology Division is established with an objective to actively enter the wafer scribing market.
Nov. 2000 Tecdia Taiwan sales office is established in Taoyuan to handle the sales of high frequency components.
Jan. 2001 A third factory building is constructed at CMI in Cebu, Philippines.
Aug. 2001 Tecdia Korea sales office is established in Suwon to handle the sales of high frequency components.
Dec. 2001 Relocated factory in Minami-ku Kyoto, Japan to multi-story facility with upgraded, expanded capacity. Changed name to Kyoto Technology Center.
Aug. 2003 Sayama Plant relocated to Musashi Industrial Park in Iruma, Saitama, and begins operation as Tokyo Technical Center.
Nov. 2004 Tecdia Hong Kong is established in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong as base to actively pursue the Chinese market.
Dec. 2004 CMI obtains ISO9001:2000 certification.
Dec. 2005 CMI obtains ISO14001:2004 Certification.
Jan. 2006 Corporate headquarters, Kyoto Technology Center, and Tokyo Technical Center obtain ISO14001:2004 Certification.
Sep. 2006 New building is constructed at Tokyo Technical Center to handle growing business.
Nov. 2006 Hong Kong office is relocated to Shanghai, China to function as the company’s representative under the name Tecdia Shanghai Representative Office to become the base for business in China.
Jul. 2007 A fourth facility is added to CMI’s plant location in Export Processing Zone in Cebu, Philippines to handle growing business.
Oct. 2008 Additional new building is constructed at Tokyo Technical Center to handle growing business.
Feb. 2011 Shanghai Representative Office is converted to a local subsidiary under the name Tecdia Shanghai.
Jun. 2013 Tecdia Headquarters office is moved to Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan, consolidating all 3 sites in Japan.
Nov. 2013 To meet growing business, Tecdia Taiwan is relocated to New Taipei City.
Jun. 2014 Tecdia Inc. (USA) relocated to Campbell, CA in Silicon Valley.
Nov. 2014 Tecdia Inc. opens new branch office in Europe.
Nov. 2015 Tecdia Shanghai relocated to current address to handle growing business.
Feb. 2020 Tecdia Shenzhen office launched in strategically selected location close to the booming semiconductor components hub of China.