About Us

Our Promise

Our Promise

Quality Policy

  1. We at Tecdia aim to be a high-quality organization. Our attention to quality extends to developing the talents of our employees, analyzing the quality of our products, and in all of our day to day internal activities.
  2. We at Tecdia aim to give our customers the highest quality products not only to satisfy their requests, but also to prove our advantages as a beneficial partner.
  3. We at Tecdia make sure that these quality policies are appropriate for the market conditions and conduct reviews in order to update our Quality Policy on a regular basis.

Environmental Policy

On January 19, 2006 Tecdia’s Headquarters in Japan received ISO14001:2004 certification. Registration number: 2011-42378

Confidential Information Security Policy

Our business requires that we handle clients’ sensitive and confidential information that – by agreement or professional courtesy – must not be disclosed to a third party without the owner’s approval. Tecdia has a strict compliance policy to non-disclosure agreements. One of our most important goals at Tecdia is to protect all of the confidential information that we receive from a client or partner from any risk of leaks or misuse. We have formulated the following policy to ensure we earn the trust of all with whom we conduct business.

Basic Policy

  1. As a Company
  2. We are aware that information security is critical; therefore we have established a system to advance it’s management and implement regular improvements.

  3. Protection of Information Assets
  4. Our staff works diligently to confirm that our client’s information assets are protected from leaks, misuse, loss, and other threats.

  5. Regulatory Compliance
  6. We shall follow all laws and other regulations concerning information security, and shall continue to build information security management systems that adheres to the same.

  7. Education and Training
  8. We shall conduct training on a regular basis for all management and employees who handle confidential information.

  9. Education and Training
  10. We shall take preventive measures to counteract potential security issues. In the event of a security breach we will promptly respond with countermeasures and extensive preparation to prevent the repeat of a similar breach.

Conflict Minerals Policy

Dodd-Frank Wall Street Regulation Reform and Consumer Protection Act (aka the Dodd-Frank Act) was signed July, 2010 by U.S. Congressmen. Sec. 1502 of this Act requires U.S. publicly-traded companies whose manufactured goods contain “Conflict Minerals” to report to Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) the source of such minerals. This is an effort to prevent minerals that benefit armed groups operating in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and adjoining conflicting countries from getting into the hands of organizations who violate basic human rights.

Tecdia recognizes Conflict Minerals as an international problem and we are working with our suppliers to have DRC conflict-free metals in our products.If we have any suspicion about the origin of the metals we use we will investigate and potentially eliminate the source of those metals. We ask for our suppliers’ cooperation in sourcing our metals in adherence with this law.