Wafer Processing Equipment

Wafer Scribing 4-inch

Wafer Scribing 4-inch

Semi Automatic Wafer Scribing Machine for 4-inch Wafers(Model No.: TEC-2005RM)High speed and high quality. A definitive wafer scribing machine.



  • Designed for high rigidity and high throughput
    -The machining axis, feed axis and camera axis are all independent of one another. By eliminating vibration and blurring when used at high speeds,
    you can get neat and clean scribe lines without compromising speed, allowing you to have high throughput.
  • Auto-alignment function
    -Tecdia’s original image recognition system allows bulk recognition of bar arrays, and is also equipped with a wafer fragment mode, which can recognize a single chip.
  • Tools pressurized by air control
    -In addition to enabling cutting with a fixed load that eliminates the variation in depth that comes with spring suspension methods, air suspension also has the effect of nearly eliminating tool jumping.
  • Linear servo motors
    -We’ve made scribing more precise than ever by using linear servo motors on the drive side to reduce vibration.



Dimensions (width × depth × height) / weight

750mm × 930mm × 1560mm / 700kg

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