Wafer Processing Equipment

Wafer Breaking 4-inch

Wafer Breaking 4-inch

Fully Automatic Breaking Machine for 4-inch Wafers (Model No.: TEC-1018AR) Fully automatic breaking machine ideal for a wide range of operations from die to package breaking.



  • Fully automated operation with image recognition
    -All wafer processing from the loading to unloading is carried out automatically based on image recognition.
  • Automatic wafer alignment function
    -Has an auto-alignment function, indispensable in fully automatic breaking.
  • Break detection function
    -Eliminates secondary breaking errors.
  • High stability design
    -Enables breaking wafers into very small chips.
  • Large capacity loading/unloading system
    -Cassettes that can hold up to 25 rings are available.
  • Custom breaking blades
    -We can customize the tip shape of your breaking blade.



Dimensions (width × depth × height) / weight

1166m × 862mm × 1963mm / 550kg

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