Wafer Processing Equipment


Wafer Processing Equipment

Tecdia designs and manufactures machines for both scribing and breaking semiconductor wafers. These include manual operated, semi-automatic, and fully automatic models with various feature options. We also produce wafer bonders and other products. Our equipment is designed with an eye to high rigidity and productivity.Initially produced for the Japanese semiconductor industry, we later expanded into other Asian semiconductor producer markets, and are continuing our growth to serve customers worldwide.Our mission is to provide global access to equipment made to meet the innovation and high quality demands of our Japanese customers. By serving a more diverse market we are enriching our know-how and will continue to contribute to the technological advance of semiconductor manufacturing.

Products List

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    Wafer Scribing 4-inch

    Semi Automatic Wafer Scribing Machine for 4-inch Wafers(Model No.: TEC-2005RM)High speed and high quality. A definitive wafer scribing machine.

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    Wafer Breaking 4-inch

    Fully Automatic Breaking Machine for 4-inch Wafers (Model No.: TEC-1018AR) Fully automatic breaking machine ideal for a wide range of operations from die to package breaking.

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    Wafer Breaking 6-inch

    Fully automatic breaking, the next generation.

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