Contract Manufacturing Services

Operations and Policies

Operations and Policies

Training and Certification Tecdia’s Japanese staff are responsible for the training and certification of CMI’s workforce. This includes training in Japan, at CMI and by Tecdia customers who utilize CMI’s services. Tecdia has instituted licensing and certification systems for each manufacturing process, organized by customer (manufacturing division). We ensure and maintain the high level of our operators and engineers by renewing licenses at regular intervals, and monitoring yields.
Customer Information Management We work hard to keep our customer’s information secure. We apply strict standards for access rights to information, and have built systems to minimize the risk of information leaks.
Program Management We develop production management systems and program structures for testing processes optimized for each of our customers, and manage them to ensure on time, on cost delivery.
In-house tool and jig capability Tecdia has a long history of designing and making precision tools and jigs for a variety of manufacturing requirements. This in-house capability enables us to provide CMI with the best tools and jigs for your needs. We can both design them and then make them in our internal metal workshop, adding them economically and quickly for your production requirements.
Manufacturing Experience CMI’s capabilities are built upon the solid foundation of Tecdia Company Ltd’s experience in operating manufacturing plants in Japan for many years, producing a wide variety of high technology and precision products for many of the world’s leading technology companies in telecommunication and aerospace equipment manufacturing. We have successfully transferred many of our manufacturing processes to CMI, some more than a decade ago. CMI has also been assembling and testing high technology clean room products for major Japanese manufactures since 1993. CMI has a rich history of manufacturing excellence.
Tecdia Support All CMI services are provided through Tecdia Company Ltd of Japan, which provides all required technical support, contract administration, program management, logistics, and other requirements in order to build operation systems tailored to the needs of our customers and to help day to day production run smoothly. Tecdia provides support in Japanese, English, and in other languages where we have support operations.
Quality Certification CMI’s Cebu plant is ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified. In addition, it has been certified for specific processes by Tecdia Company Ltd and other customers.


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