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Ground Blocks

Ground Blocks

Ceramic Ground Blocks are customizable conductive shims ideal for application within micro-assemblies in both optical and microwave industries.



  • Customizable size, thickness and metallization layers.
  • Low impedance at high frequencies.
  • Prevents creep-up of solder and epoxy.
  • Orientation recognizable at a glance.

Contact Us for Help

As above, our ground blocks are completely customizable so it is hard to know where to start. For immediate assistance in making parameter selection give us a call at 408-748-0100 (USA) or contact us electronically using our contact form. If preferred, we have various standardized sizes available to initially try out before worrying about complete customization, just let us know your requirements and we will find something close.


  • Height matching to reduce length of wire bonds.
  • Conductive shims used for creating bonding pads.

Design Guide

Please contact us for other sizes and metallization schemes

Key to Part Numbers

(1) Series
TGB:Tecdia Ground Block

(2) Length
025:0.25 mm
040:0.40 mm
200:2.00 mm

(3) Width
013:0.13 mm
025:0.25 mm
200:2.00 mm

(4) Thickness
008:0.08 mm
025:0.25 mm
063:0.63 mm

(5) Packaging
-B: Blue Tape
Blank:Waffle Pack

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